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Our Juice Bar

Blackberry and Lemon Detox

Healthy Blendz Juice Bar & Nutrition Center is an all-natural innovative Juicebar, with tropical prestige - located in the heart of Flatbush Junction, Brooklyn, NY.


Healthy Blendz caters to an ever growing community of college students, professors, devout gym heads, health nuts and the health inspired. Known for having the richest tasting, most fulfilling smoothies in town, we jam-pack each of our drinks with the highest quality of natural ingredients for our fast paced, high-energy customers. Because Healthy Blendz juices taste so good, customers say they find it much easier to maintain their healthy lifestyle they once felt was too overwhelming to manage on their own.  Plus, with over 100 healthy menu options of our fresh juiced veggies, fruit smoothies, plant based energy boosters and delicious protein shakes, you'll find each day becoming an adventure of choosing which one you'll have to try next! 

But HEY! ... We're not JUST a juice bar. We offer top of the line supplements in form of herbs, vitamins, minerals and tonics, with a surplus of health knowledge to go with it.

We pride ourselves on our mission to educate our community and alleviate health ailments by providing nutritional foods, natural supplements, and overall health awareness. 


With diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholosterol, obesity, and cancer growing as the major health concerns in our community, healthy blendz focuses on helping customers lesson that burden by providing sound nutritional and dietary guidance; in turn customers highly appreciate and commend our staff for taking such a thouhgful interest in thier family's health. 

Just Eat Well and Live Happy - It's Easy!
Stop by Healthy Blendz Juice Bar and see for yourself.  

The Owner

Tim Stephens

Our founder Tim Stephens gives new meaning to the term health conscious.

Growing up in St. Lucia where there was an abundant source of non-processed all natural fruits and veggies, Tim would begin his health career on the island selling those fruits, vegetables and medicinal leaves cultivated in his family's garden at the tender age of 7.

After migrating to the US as a teenager, Tim would work in various public health arenas dealing with food and holistic healing, until one day he decided it was time to open his own business. Hence, Healthy Blendz Juice Bar & Nutrition Center, an establishment that one could say was over 30 years in the making, was born in March of 2011.

Refreshing Juices
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